SUCCESS410.COM is a cosmopolitan legal and industry advisory firm, currently being particularly active in the Baltic region of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, focusing on both incoming and outgoing investments, businesses, activities, and process management. Since the international law is the core specifics of our Firm, we're also constantly entrenching well beyond this geographical scope.

We're operating out of the headquarters in Riga, Latvia, with offices being maintained in London, Prague, and Valetta. 

There are 4 major service areas of the Firm:

• international and EU aviation law
• international investment protection and promotion law
• complex international commercial and trade deals, transactions, and disputes, in particular, trade finance and export credit support related activities
• sustainable energy projects

Core activity is formed by the direct daily engagement into the field work for international aircraft financing and leasing industry, as well as commercial airlines. The Firm is also active in EU and international aviation regulatory and commercial litigation across the EU in various capacities, as well as deals with the novel drone industry aspects. Our cherished major Clientele comprises aircraft lessors, financiers, manufacturers, and commercial airlines.