SUCCESS410.COM is a cosmopolitan boutique legal and advisory services firm for complex international business issues and specializes particularly in the following areas:

  • - international investment law
  • - international commercial arbitration
  • - aviation
  • - energy

Our headquarters is located in Riga, the capital city of a European Union Member State Latvia.

For each Client, SUCCESS410.COM forms a team most suitable for Client’s chosen goals and needs. Many issues are handled by the Managing Partner himself, but there are equally many cases when internationally known experts in their field join a designated team. The team may see professionals from various spheres, including law, audit, tax, banking and finance, project management, debt collection, global fraud and risk management, asset search, technical, and public relations. Through cooperation with Latvian based Novius Law Firm (www.novius.lv), SUCCESS410.COM has direct linkage to an Austrian based international boutique law firm chain International Business Law Consortium (www.iblc.com).