The recent worldwide financial occurrence has taught businesses the need for prudent planning of reduction in expenses. For airlines, the prime costs relate to the instrument of aviation art – aircraft: its operation and maintenance costs, fuel costs and efficiency in utilization – income/expense relation in respect of routes operated by aircraft.

European airlines are already on the right approach slope – adoption of newer regional aircraft into their fleet, that is, - considering the industry offers as a whole - aircraft capable of flying the range up to around 4500 km. Yet, to achieve the goal, there is still a strategic move to make. The move that only the European Aviation Safety Agency can make.

Frequently, we hear of States halting, canceling or substantially changing the rules for high stake joint venture projects, conceived before the 2008 or the current global economic downturn, with foreign investors. Alleged objective ground – fundamental change of an economic situation and the need to lower the financial burden of the people - seems plausible. But - is such an approach indeed fair and in line with international law, and what effect has it on the companies established in the State in respect of their operations in other States?

Application of law shall help businesses realize their goals. Each provision of law shall be applied according to its purpose. A good contract puts business relationships at the center.

Honestly, what is the first response when mediation is proposed in case of a business dispute? Quite far from being a serious and firm trust. In essence, this resembles the dominating global attitude towards resolving business discrepancies – litigation and arbitration is seen as the only proper means. While, seemingly, businesses get at least even in this way, in reality they may lose splendidly. Read on!

Exceptional quality, robustness and flexibility of Linux operating system is appreciated by professionals. Linux runs, for example, almost all supercomputers and web servers of major websites. Yet, in the personal computers market only a tiny fracture runs on Linux. Consumers deserve to enjoy the benefits of Linux in their everyday computer usage. The Article shows what steps must be taken to ensure that Linux can compete with Microsoft and Apple.

State contracts, being contractual arrangements between States and foreign entities, have evolved into the most potent safeguard instrument for the foreign entities` interests available - both in public and private international law...

How to balance the EU airline ownership and control rules with investors` demand in high risk ventures to have a protection akin to a shareholder...

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