SPecialized Advisory Services

Founder’s Note

When SUCCESS410.COM was initially founded in July 2011, that was a time when international business, political, and legal scene witnessed significant changes to ensure a sustainable future. One started to see things from a more comprehensive standpoint rather than on a standalone basis. Only by cooperation, synergy, and joint strategy there is a potential for growth and win-win situations.

SUCCESS410.COM saw its place in the newly forming era then and also now, the whole 10 years later. There are more and more occasions globally where individuals, companies, and Governments alike need a bold, progressive, and proactive safeguard of their interests in their very highly complicated, sensitive, or risky circumstances. That’s where we believe SUCCESS410.COM Specialized Advisory Services belongs. 

Where others stop, we only start!

Ivars Mēkons,
The Firm's Founder and Managing Partner

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